Snack Time!

With my daughter being in preschool part time I only have to worry about sending snacks.  I normally keep a couple of things there, one healthy snack and something like cookies for those special occassions (like birthday’s and holiday parties). So I thought I would do something on what we do and some of her favorite treats.

Most of our favorite snack foods are usually simple. Grapes, apples, bananas, oranges and popcorn are the big ones around here (Jen does not like a lot of sweets unless it is chocolate). But when it comes to GF specific snacks we have a few favorites. Like Popcorners- they are popcorn in the form of a triangle. Really light and healthy and taste great! Homemade chex mix is another one that we like. Not as sweet and is a little healthier then cookies or chips.

Glutino has some crackers that are kind of like Ritz crackers. Their original ones are good for spreading some peanut butter on or just for munching. They have a veggie flavor that tastes great in soups. But every now and then something sweet is allowed and we get their sandwhich cookies. They are not dry at all and taste just as good as Oreo’s. Another cracker we like to keep on hand is the NutThins Cheddar crackers, my little Jen loves these in her Chili.

Enjoy Life is another good brand for those sweet tooth moments. I am partial to their Soft Chocolate chip cookies, very addictive! EnviroKidz rice bars are another treat I will get every now and then for her and are great for a quick on the go snack.

There is so much to choose from. We love trying new things so if you know of something I havent mentioned please feel free to share!

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