Crazy Day!

Wow! Yesterday was a crazy day no doubt! Hubby is sick- has been running a temp and sleeping on the couch (has to be able to go back to training this afternoon too). Daughter caught the strep throat son had and hand washing every dish and pot I used while doing all of my husbands laundry from his training.

But despite all that busyness I did manage to attempt 2 new recipes. The first one was a soft baked pretzel. They were fantastic- the kids loved them and kept asking for more. The other- was a very hysterical attempt at figuring out my pasta maker and making ravioli. That was a complete fail! As I fed the dough through the press instead of coming out in one sheet and came out in a bunch of broken sheets. Once I finally got it I put it in the ravioli mold- yep- broke right away. I filled the one’s that I could, put another layer on top. Nope- nothing- all the filling came out… So lets try again- Same.. I surrendered! Good thing I had some spaghetti noodles on hand!

So if you know of a good gluten free noodle recipe or any tips- please feel free to share! 

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