Monday Thoughts

This week has started out amazing! My little girl had to stay home from preschool today (that is the only bad thing- no mom likes seeing a child sick), but by noon she was back to her cheerful self! We sat outside on the deck for about 30 minutes reading books. I really miss this weather! It reached 71 here today! For those that don’t know Nebraska our winters are usually full of snow, and bitter cold. We have had an unseasonably warm winter this year with maybe a total of 5-7 inch (which normally we get that with 1 snowfall!).

We got home from getting my little man from school and played outside for the rest of the evening. It was so nice that I just had to grill! Come summer time you will notice pretty much all my cooking is done on the grill!

Dinner of Pineapple Brats, Ranch Pasta Salad and Bush’s Grillin Beans

As the sun was beginning to set I went to close up the house (it is starting to cool off) and notice a familiar smell. That beautiful smell of wood burning (yes I know I am odd). It made me long for a camping trip and more so, a reenactment (my family does civil war reenacting). How I miss the smell of cooking over an open fire with my cast iron, the smell of gun powder in the air, enjoying the company of friends around the fire pit laughing while sipping on hot cocoa on the crisp nights. Walking around in a big ol’ skirt and having gentleman treat me like a lady, tipping their hats as I walk by, giving up their seats for me- you know- the old fashion way that has been long lost. I have come to meet many wonderful people from all over the country. It is a hobby I would not give up for the world and a hobby that brought my husband and I together (my knight literally came riding into my life- I will share at a later date). Although the smell of the fire pit down the street brought sadness. With my husband’s new job it may be a year or two before we can go out to an event again 🙁

So as we come to a close tonight I am sitting here sipping on a cup of chai tea. Thinking of everything this week, this month (we find out where we are to relocate to), and even this year has to offer us. Hoping to at least do a camping trip with my family, but thankful for everything that has been brought to us. I also plan to start a journey of reading through the book of Psalms. I have been seeing so many verses from there I want to know more. I may share a thought or two on them as well when the moment moves me.

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