What is Your Blood Type?

Growing up we were all taught about the food pyramid right? We knew to eat our vegetables and our fruits, drink our milk ect. But what if one day a book came a long and rewrote everything we were taught?

My sisters brought this topic to light last week and I had to find more. There is a book called Eat Right for Your Type by Dr. D’adamo. He has done studies that show how food affects your blood stream. The Lectins (abundant and diverse proteins found in food) can be incompatible with your blood type antigen. They target an organ or bodily system and begin to aggutinate blood cells. After reviewing each blood type he came up with the following.

Type A- Has been defined as the cultivator and is believed to be the 2nd oldest blood type discovered back when a majority of the human settlement was farms. According to Dr. D’adamo people with this type of blood will do best on a Vegetarian type of diet. It is important for them to eat foods in their natural state: Pure, Fresh and Organic. They should avoid things like meat, dairy, kidney beans, lima beans and wheat.

Type B- Is known as the nomad blood type. They have a strong immune System and Digestive system and should eat a well balanced diet. They should avoid peanuts, corn, sesame seeds, lentil and wheat (hmm starting to see a trend)

Type AB is the most modern, the enigma. Their diet should be a mix of type A and type B. But they should avoid red meat, kidney beans, lima beans, and corn.

Type O- is the hunter, believed to be the earliest blood time  and should eat a good old fashion meal. People who are type O are more susceptible to diseases. They are also predisposed to ulcers and thyroid disorders. Those with type O can have low levels of thyroid hormones and insufficient levels of iodine. They should avoid things like beans, corns, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and…. wheat!

Did any one else catch a trend? Wheat should be avoided by all but the AB blood types. When I noticed that I was reminded of what my doctor told me- that people are becoming gluten intolerant because our bodies were created to digest multiple kinds of grains instead of just one kind like today’s society does.

Dr. Lam has an article with a simple chart.  For a more detailed chart you can go to Recipenet.org.

I am not sure if I buy into this 100% but knowing that both my sisters are type O and one has Celiac I believe some of it is real. There are a lot of sites that go over this information (I have provide links to 3). But I am curious- what is your blood type and do you have any food allergies that would fall under your avoids (like dairy, peanuts, wheat). I would love to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “What is Your Blood Type?

  1. Malika Bourne

    I have heard this idea about blood types before. It does make alot aof sense to me. Since the US is a melting pot I think we do have more challenges to figure out what is best for our particular bodies based on blood type.

  2. Paul A

    I feel this information is truly valuable and few are fully aware of their own very unique physiological needs, anbd hence, many people sturggle through diets and health issues, especially with the overt consumption of overly processed and sprayed and/or un-loved food (in it’s creation and cooking). Pretty sure I’m type A and happily so, since I deicided upon a veggie path sometime just befor high school and I am 26 now, granted that fluctuations are built into life, I feel that the consistency and desire for fresh, organic and less glutinous substances is a must for myself these days. Good post, sorry for ramblin’ a bit

  3. Cheryl

    I am O- and diagnosed Celiac, I definitely think there is something to eating according to your blood type. Wheat is fairly new in the human race’s diet.


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