A New Me- Week 3

This week did not go as planed in regards to the weight loss adventure. I gained back the 1.2lbs that I lost the week before! So here I am back to 146.  I ate healthier, I did move around a lot more. I think I just need to crack down and get on the elliptical I have down in the basement… I keep saying I am going to but never make it there.

My inner battles are getting easier to handle. I have been handing things over to God more. It helps that I now know where I am moving to. A ton of stress was released as soon as I opened that letter. Now it is my son’s turn to stress. He is not having any of the moving portion of this new job of the hubby’s. All day Sunday I got “no I am not going!” and crying because he does not think his Grandmother and Papa will be able to find him and thought he couldn’t come back home to see them. So, we went over to Grandmother and Papa’s and got his hair cut and Grandmother pulled the new town up on the computer to show she does know where we will be.

Last week kind of just flew right by! I am excited for some things coming up for you guys. Including some reviews and giveaways of some gluten free foods (like our favorite brand Kinnikinnick). My kids have been having fun reviewing the online learning tool K5. We hit a few bumps with it but nothing that we were not able to overcome and fix. We will be testing it out for 6 weeks so keep watch! 

This week brings new adventures and is starting out great! Hubby is home for the week. He bought me a new dishwasher (yay!). We are going out to the new town on Wednesday to show the kids and to tour the school. Trying lots of new (and healthy) recipes and hopefully avoiding those Cadbury Caramel Eggs!

How did your week go?

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