Is it Friday yet?

Wish I could curl up with a pillow and blanket like Misty!

 I have so much to do today but it is cloudy and dark and sprinkling (changing to snow here in a bit) which is making me have zero motivation!

It doesn’t help that I am ready for it to be Friday! Why? Because tomorrow I get to go out to hubby’s training academy and spend the day with him. I will tour the facility, meet with other trooper wives, meet with command staff and spend some time out on the range. Yep, the range- I get to learn how to work his two service weapons lol. Anyone who knows me will know how oh so excited for this I am… For some reason I am nervous about meeting some of the other spouses. The other thing is– will I be able to eat lunch! I will not be able to leave for lunch. Luckily they have a salad bar. Supposedly they are not doing anything breaded for the main dish (my husband warned them of my gluten intolerance).

One of the highlight of the day, and what I am most excited for, is finding out where we will be moving! For the past 4 months I have known that we have to move at the end of April but have not known where! I am huge on scheduling and planning. I hate finding out things last minute. At least this gives us time to find a house but not much! So instead of making my house is in order or my wonderful mom who will be hanging with the kids and playing taxi for them (taking them to and from school) I am pacing, trying not to snack, and honestly tapping my foot while I type this… So many thoughts running through my mind I just can not focus!

So I am trying to think of the good- Friday also marks the start of a week with my hubby (they are giving the guys a week off to start looking for housing). I can not wait and still can not think of what delicious meals I am going to cook for him. My daughter made me laugh- She was telling my son that he can not watch her Barbie Rapunzel movie because it has some scary parts (not really) and it is too scary for little boys. My son got everything ready for school this morning with out me telling him. The best part- their hugs! They have been giving me lots of hugs. They can tell when I am starting to stress and will just come up and hug me then run off giggling!

It is the little things, however— Can it be Friday now?!?!?!?!

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