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I am back! Spent the day out at hubby’s training academy yesterday. It was very entertaining and very informational. The guest of the recruits spent the last hour or so of our day talking to a few trooper wives. Very eye opening. I think a few of the girls were a little shocked because the wives that talked to us gave us a huge ol’ realty check.

One talked about the time her husband was shot. The other talked about their first move and what not not. What goes through her mind every night he leaves and how you just make it work. She talked about there have been times where they went out to eat and before even ordering her husband decided he wasnt hungry any more and it was because he saw some one he was not comfortable with (either arrested the person or what not). They talked about how we will get used to the husband wanting to eat with his back to the wall. That is something I am already used to. My husband used to be in corrections so he already does that.

There was 2 fun and exciting parts of the day though. First one was we got to go out to the firing range and learn how to shoot the two service weapons they are issued. First was the 45… lol that was interesting I could not shoot it worth a crud! Then there was the AR15 (imagine a smaller M16). I was actually able to hit the target with that one..Although hubby says he pitties the guy who steps in front of me if I am firing that one because of the southern region I for some reason kept hitting lol. I have a confession though- I was worried at first but I found that shooting was actually relaxing! Wouldnt mind going out to the range with my husband more often!

The other exciting part was one I have been waiting for since October. We know where we are moving to! Our new adventures can officially begin! We got a town 2 hours away from where we live now. So I will still be close to my family and his. We are exactly 45 minutes away from 2 larger cities (one east one west from where we will be) and both of those have stores I can buy our Gluten Free foods! And we can hopefully have our own little acreage to keep our own horses!

With all that said and done I am very glad with out yesterday went. It was a very emotional and exciting roller coaster day. Now I am spending today relaxing and excited for a week with my hubby!

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