A New Me- Week 4

OK 7 more weeks to go to lose 15lbs. I started the week out at 146 and this morning weighed in at 145.2 (so down .8). We started renting videos from a place called Family Video (I highly recommend them if you have one near by) and they have 2 rows of kids movies you can rent for free and a little section of work out dvds you can rent for free. So I sucked it up and rented a Dance work out dvd (I love dancing!). I have exercise equipment but it is in my basement which is chilly and no tv or stereo so it is hard to get motivated to work out. Maybe this will help me! So my goal this week: Eat healthy and avoid those Cadbury Caramel Eggs, Exercise every morning while the kids are at school. Maybe even go on a walk or two.

I had some ups and down with some of my inner battles. We got some bad news that just frustrates me and there is nothing we can do. I also had a talk with my hubby about how I just feel overwhelmed and it is frustrating that he wants me to do something different with my meals yet when I ask him what sounds good he doesnt respond. Just a lot of emotions the past few days.

I have also been thinking about this blog and the direction I want to take it in. I started this to help others on their journey of going gluten free. So now I am reaching out to you guys.

Is there something you would like see more of? 

I still wanting to stick with the featured recipe so let me know if you would like to have a recipe feature up there. I will also keep up with this “A New Me” series because I find it helpful and keeping me responsible and motivated to change my perspective on things. I have lost sight in that and now I am getting back on track.

How did your week go? What goals do you have for this week?

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