A New Me- Week 5

Sometimes I wish I could be like a butterfly. Curl up in a cacoon for awhile then emerge in a new me and be done with it. This week was a bit discouraging. I did a lot of exercising. Tried a few exercise videos and went on 2 walks on tuesday alone, walked around our zoo (which is full of hills). Wednesday I was excited because i did a mid week weigh in and weighed 143.6. But for some reason this morning. I am back to weighing 146.0… This is getting really frustrating! I have 6 weeks to get to 130lbs. With the nice temps I plan on going on more walks this week (today is a rainy day so no walk sadly).

I have been eating healthy too. I have had left overs for the majority of the week and have not had candy or soda as often. I need help! What can I do to break this plateau of mine?

As to the inner stuff. I am still working on being more positive. Although this week has been very trying. When something would go right- something else would go wrong.We are having a hard time finding a new house and we are starting to get the feeling that the area we are moving to does not like law enforcement. Just getting really nervous about this move. The other frustration was- just like about every other friday- something broke lol. I was making dinner and all of a sudden ALL of our smoke detectors started going off (no dinner was not burning!). Even once I should power off to the house they kept going. My dad came over and helped me take down all the smoke detectors. But dinner finished cooking in the oven (even once power was off) and it was perfect and not dry by the time I remembered it was in the oven lol.

So goals for this week:

  1. Exercise!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lose at least 2lbs
  3. Continue to eat Healthy
  4. Continue to turn to God
  5. Spend lots of time with my kids outside!

How did your week go?

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