A New Me- Week 7

With spring everything is new. Take my tree for example. It starts off with these beautiful white flowers before getting it’s new leaves. I guess maybe it is just natural for us to want to start getting in shape around this time as well.

Unfortunately I really do not have any updates on my mission for a new me. I stayed at 146lbs and I am still struggling with being positive and handing things over to God. This week has been really hard on me with lots of ups and downs.

It was kind of entertaining on a few but some were rather hard. The biggest one was my Dad going into the hospital, because of his heart. Luckily nothing is wrong. But it made me appreciate my family and how quickly they can all come together for a time of need. How we can all make each other smile no matter what (and leave it to my Dad to crack jokes during a stressful time lol). I am very grateful for my family πŸ™‚

We were able to spend a lot of time outside this past week. We even went on a walk around a lake (a little over 3 miles!). The kids had a blast “exploring”, listening to all the different birds and seeing the deer. They want to go back so I figured we can do this at least twice a week πŸ™‚

This week is starting of a little rocky but I am looking forward to it changing around. My truck breaks went out on me again (they supposedly fixed it a month ago) so I spent the morning at a car dealer. The best part though are my kids’ reactions to the loaner car. I picked up my daughter first and she asked “how do you roll the window down?”- it is a basic, no bells and whistles car with nothing automatic other then the transmission). Then later when I got my son he couldn’t figure out why I didn’t unlock it lol. Then he also asked where the buttons for the windows were. For some reason that made my day and made me smile!

Now to play catch up and start packing. The house search continues so I may not be on as much until we get moved. But I do have things I am working on. I am also still looking for sponsors on a Mother’s Day Giveaway and a Father’s Day Giveaway, so if you know of anything let me know!

Goals for this week are the same as always- work out, eat right and turn to God! And of course spend lots of time with my kids

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