Day Dreaming

The past few days have had me day dreaming with this really nice weather. I find myself sitting on my back deck just thinking and dreaming. I take myself away to a place that feels like home. I imagine myself with these nice crisp mornings and nights, sitting on a wrap around porch (so I can watch the sun rise and the sun set) with a cup of tea and maybe a good book. Or during the day sitting their cross stitching while the kids play.

I can imagine the fresh country air, nothing but the sounds of the birds and the wind dancing in the trees. The smell of lilacs and roses (I love roses as they remind me of the ones my grandma grew right by their front door). I can imagine curling up on the swing with the hubby just taking in the stars. I used to imgane this place near the mountains but now I can just imagine it where ever. The old tradition plantation style house with the huge porch (picture Gone with the wind but smaller).

I would really love to be there one day. I am ok with an old farm house as long as it has a nice porch with a swing. One of our favorite things to do is go to my in laws “farm”. The kids love helping with the chores (getting eggs and feeding the animals), they love seeing their horses and my husband loves riding. Me- I grew up in a city. I used to think I could not do with the silence and the darkness and thought I would go insane on a gravel road. But now I find myself longing for a place like my in laws or like my aunts farm (she has that perfect row of trees leading from the road to her front door). I love to just sit on their porch swing with the gentle breeze and just relaxing.

I know one of these days we will get our perfect home and be able to have our horses with us. My kids will be able to run around with out many limits. Until that time I will keep dreaming and praying.

Is there one day dream/dream you find yourself longing for?

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