Lemon Lime Salmon

I love Salmon. I love grilling it, I love baking it, I love putting it with different flavors! Sorry just had to get that out of my system. Tonight I was going to make my Lemon Lime Salmon on the grill. I prepared my grill turned it on. Went to prep the salmon while it was warming up, go back out to put it on and nothing! I ran out of propane! But I baked it in the oven instead and it still tasted great! The best part is that you can make this for 2 or make it for 4+

What you need:

  • Salmon (as much as you need)
  • Lemons (will need at least 2)
  • Limes (will need at least 2)
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste

For grilling you want to prepare your grill by using either a cedar plank (make sure you soak it for a few hours first!) or (I know not the best option but an option) cover the grate with foil, spray with oil and cut slits in the foil to allow the heat to rise up to the salmon. While the grill is heating up prepare the salmon.

First make sure that all the bones are out of the salmon portion. Then squeeze the juice of half a lemon and half of a lime (will need to use more depending on how many salmon portions you have) over the salmon. Season with salt and pepper, rubbing the salmon to assure it is covered with season.

Finish slicing up some lemon and lime (use as much or little as you want) and set aside. Place salmon on the grill and cook for about 10 minutes. Place the lemon and lime slices on top and finish cooking. The salmon will flake with a fork when it is cooked through (do not cook to long or it will dry out).

Serve with some quinoa or rice or a salad. You can also bake this in the oven by setting it to the hi broil setting and place salmon in a greased glass baking dish.


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3 thoughts on “Lemon Lime Salmon

  1. Karren

    This looks great, I also use cook salmon on the grill in one of those bbq baskets and it hold the lemons in place. When done I add a pat of butter to each portion.
    I am a new follower on GFC from Oh My Heartsie blog and hope that you can stop by. Oh! My Heartsie
    Have a great day, Karren

  2. Char W.

    Salmon is just about the only fish I eat occasionally now. I’ll have to give this recipe a try. Thanks for the idea.


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