A New Me- Week 10

This will be the last post in the series that I have been doing. Sad to say I never did break past the 145lb mark. I was hoping to get to 130 but there is no way (unless I starve myself) I can loose 15lbs in 1 week. But I am ok with that. I can continue trying and well– I am still going to buy myself a new outfit! I have lost 30lbs since the last time I bought new clothes. I do not want my clothes hanging off of me at the graduation ceremony next week. 🙂

I can’t believe there is only a week and a half left until I am done with this chapter of our new adventure! It definitly has been a roller coaster but well worth it. For those just joining in my husband has been training for a career in law enforcement. He is out of town training all week long making it just the kids and I. Now we get to relocate to a new area of our state. We finally found a house to rent!!! I am now able to relax… a little! I have already called the schools (new and old) to start the process of changing schools over. My son has his ups and downs about it but I know he will be fine. His main concern is he is afraid none of our extended family will be able to find him 🙁  If you have any tips on making this easier on the kiddos I would appreciate them!

We had a fun week last week. My son and I saw a play (you should read about it in my Midweek Ramblings post- it was rather odd), we played outside a lot. Dodged some severe storms and tried some new recipes. My son also decided that he was ready to be a big boy (he even point out to me that he is “not a child, he is 6 years old!”) and try to ride his bike with out training wheels. At the end of that attempt he decided since Daddy was going to be gone and couldnt help him (mommy isnt good enough I guess lol) he was going to put his training wheels back on. They grow up way to fast!

I thank you for letting me use you guys as a sounding board during my ups and down. This has taught me to be more positive, trust in God, and that I can do anything if (God forbid) something were to happen. I can not wait to start a new chapter in our lives in a new town. I can’t wait to see what adventures my husband jobs bring.

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