A New Me- Week 8

This week was a wonderful week! I took my stress and put it towards packing and cleaning instead of towards eating! But I need to work out more. Healthy eating alone will not get me to my goal and I am still at 146 with 3 weeks left to go!

I know this is something I can do. I plan on going on lots of walks with my kids this week and then walking every morning next week while the kids are in school. I may even start some sit ups and push ups.

I have also done a better job of not letting things get to me. Although last night I did have a minor break down (truck broke down again and I just got done fixing one thing on it!). I am rather proud of myself for keeping my cool between the unnecessary lectures that I kept getting and the other issues I had. Biting my tongue has never been my strong point!

I have a few craft things to work on with the kids. We are going to paint some bird houses. I spent $11 on 2 bird houses and some things to decorate it with. We are also going to go to the zoo! One of my sisters work there and I hope to surprise my kids with a behind the scene look at the lemurs!

So my goals:
1) go on walks
2) eat healthy
3) have lots of fun with my kids!
4) find a house!

How did you do this week? What are your goals for next week?

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