A New Me- Week 9

This past week was spring break for my son. I had a ton of fun with him! Although I did not lose nor gain any weight this week. We went on some walks and played at the park once. Did some packing and some house cleaning! We painted some bird houses and watched some movies. One movie we watched was “We Bought a Zoo”. My kids love that movie and my daughter is asking to rent it again. Although now she thinks we need to find a house that has a zoo on it lol.

I thing I realized this week is something I must apologize to you guys for. I have been really negative lately and for that I am sorry. I try to focus on the good of every bad. Nothing drives me more insane then a person who takes something good and only talks about the bad of it (trust me I know a few who can find even 1 tiny bad thing no matter how good their day was!). I have realized that I have in a sense become one of those people and for that I am sorry. I have been stressed and frustrated lately. I have had people throw things in my face as if saying “haha I am better then you”, I have had extremely unwanted lectures making me feel like both a bad wife and mother, and feeling discouraged that in 2.5 weeks we are suppose to move and still have no house.

Through all of that I should of been focusing on the good and the positive. I need to not let people who do not know me and who do not know the whole story (let alone who pull the same crud they are accusing me of doing) get to me. I stopped turning things over to God and I know that. I know what I need to do I just need the strength and patience to do it. As my son even told me “sometimes you just need to stop and have fun outside” lol.

Misty trying to get me to chase her 🙂

That said- my promise to you guys is to be more positive! I am surrounded by negative nellies and I need to overcome that! My goals are to have lots of fun with my kids and to turn things over to God. Oh, and to find a house!

How did your week go? Do you have any new goals for this week?

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