Weekly Menu 4/15-4/22

This week has me all out of sorts. I am excited that our journey of hubby being in training is coming to an end and a new journey will begin. I also just had a hard time focusing on putting a menu together. So this week is a semi winging it week. Nothing fancy or special and things my kids would have every day if I would let them!

Monday- Mystery Night: I couldnt think of what sounded good so who knows what we will eat. Maybe some french toast.

Tuesday- Stir Fry
Wednesday- BBQ Beef Cups
Thursday- Chicken Fingers
Friday- Left Overs

Saturday- Hamburgers w/ baked beans and fries or a pasta salad

Sunday- Sandwiches

Simple is my goal for this week. I have a lot to do over the next 2 weeks so I need quick easy meals.

~What is on  your menu?~

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