D~I~Y Curtains

Jenny and Danny’s curtains. Princess and Cars of course

So awhile back I made these cute simple curtains to help block out some of the sunlight in my kid’s rooms. These really took no time at all and only cost about $20/room.

Over the past week I decided to put to use some fabric I bought for $3 for the whole bolt. I thought it was lovely and would of made a gorgeous day gown for reenacting. Mental note: check material type before buying!

loved the color and the pattern but it is a poly blend which is a no no for 1860’s

Since I couldnt use it as I intended I have spent this week using it to make curtains for our new house! I have done 3 so far and have 4-5 more to go! I hope I have enough fabric for them!

These are really simple to make. Pick out the fabric you want. Measure the window size (length & Width) and cut out the fabric (if you have a wide fabric cut it in half to form 2 curtains). For the kid’s curtains I made sure I did it a little more neatly. I hemmed the tops of the curtains. The with the fabrics touching each other with the face sides I sewed the two sides and bottoms (like a giant pillow case), turn right side out. Cut out on the extra fabric some strips and fold in half (right side together) sew a small seam and turn right side out. Place evenly across the top of the curtain in between the two fabrics. Sew across the tops.

Close ups of how I did the “hooks”

The other way you can do it (which is the more sloppy quick way) is just take a single layer of fabric. Hem all sides. Cut some fabric to make loops and then sew the loops onto the back side of the curtain. I am sure you can make it look just as nice this way too but the ones I am doing like this are just a make shift curtain until we get our acreage.

If you want I would be willing to negotiate a price of making these for anyone that would like some. I know it will need to be cost of fabric & shipping, driving to get the fabric (closest walmart or fabric store is at least 30 minutes away) and probably the cost of my time. They would be the double layer curtain like my kid’s. Just contact me to discuss this option.

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