30 Day Fitness Challenge- Day 29

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day! Wow time really goes by so quickly!

Active- Accumulate at least 10 minutes of extra walking- when you are up and about as often as a stay at home mom this is kind of hard to do. You are always walking around doing something.

Exercise- Do a cardio activity for 30-45 minutes. I hate to say it but I did not do this. I was battling a migraine today. I am thinking I need to change up my blood pressure medicine again 🙁 I have been getting my headaches more often.

Part 2 of this was to perform a core workout or choose your own ab exercises. Again- with a migraine it is hard to be motivated to do anything so this did not get done.

Flexibility- Do a lower body stretch routine: this I did do. I stretched out my legs and my lower back. I also stretched my neck and shoulders though.

Nutrition- change your daily snacks to something healthier- This was easy to do. I did not eat much today. But when I do have a snack it is usually fruit or popcorn. Confession though: I did go to the gas station to grab a soda to try to help with this migraine- I also grabbed a small bag of Mint M&M’s– those along with cadbury caramel eggs are my weakness. Otherwise- breakfast was pancakes, lunch was steaks, baked potatoes, and a salad, dinner- I didnt really eat.

Mind/Body- 5 minute meditation- I do not meditate. But I did say an extra prayer for some personal things and for my hubby’s safety while he is at work tonight.

Feel free to stop by and check out Erin’s day. She usually does a better job at staying on task then I do. I dont know how she does it with all those kids but hey- I am proud of her for sticking to this!

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