Angelica’s Charity Bracelets

Meet Angelica, a 7 year old who loves to make bracelets and loves to help others. 2 years ago she put the two together and started Angelica’s Charity Bracelets!

It started with looking for a unique way to raise funds for The Children’s Miracle Network a few years ago. Having made bracelets herself as a little girl, her mom suggested that they make a few and sell them. After setting up a stand, Angelica was able to raise $450 for The Children’s Miracle Network.

Her next charity came from watching the Sprout Channel one day. They learned about The Great Sprout Truck in which raises pajamas and books for children in need. Angelica and her mom pulled up the info online, made bracelets and sold enough to donate 46 pairs of pajamas and 35 new books! Her mission of helping children grew from there and she has helped other charities such as Bears on Patrol, St Jude, and more.

Angelica was kind enough to send one for us to show off and tell you guys about. This bracelet is really pretty and in one of my daughters favorite colors. Jenny loved this bracelet but I am loving where it came from. Angelica is truly an amazing girl for donating to charities the way she does. Every 4-6 months she will pick a new charity to help with. Her parents show their support by donating the materials and the postage to deliver these beautiful creations.  The bracelets are just $8 and as mentioned 100% of that goes to the charity Angelica is working on!  This month she is trying to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand so all proceeds will go to that.

Please check out her facebook page and follow her on pinterest to learn more and see some of what she does. I highly recommend that you purchase a bracelet, it is after all for a good cause. If you would like you may donate to her charity of choice by going to her virtual Lemonade Stand (more details on the event here).

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  1. Trinkies

    That is so sweet! šŸ™‚ Wow! I joined her FB page and am following her on Pinterest. What a wonderful little girl with a big heart. Thank you for sharing her story.


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