Danny’s Birthday Party!

Yesterday was a really fun day for us! We had family come out to help celebrate my son’s birthday which is actually on Tuesday! Danny was so excited to see everyone and he even had a few friends make it!

We had the house decorated with all the party supplies we received from The Party Works- Party Supply Site. While I was preparing the Lego cake, hubby got all the balloons filled and tied. Danny was taken out to lunch by his Grandma and Grandpa Farmer so he came home to a surprise! The table was covered, streamers set up, balloons tied, everything set out and ready to go! He loved it, especially the Lego City Balloon and plates! We had some streamers and balloons outside as well!

While the adults sat and visited the Danny and his friends played outside in the water. Eventually my nephew decided to join and was trying to shoot the big kids with a water gun.

The kids were funny, after about 30 minutes of being outside the kids were hot and wanting to play inside! I was not going to fight it though lol. So we did cake and opened presents. Danny of course got a bunch of Police Lego’s. I am pretty sure we have the complete police set now!

I loved being able to visit with my Dad and Grandma KC, my mom was sick so she was unable to come unfortunately. Danny made sure to call her though and thank you for the Lego police station and tell her some about the party though. Then in the evening my older sister came out with her family and my younger sister. I miss sitting and visiting with them. I thought I was doing good with that aspect but I guess you never notice how much you do miss them until you had visited for awhile and they have to go. But I am so glad they were able to make it!

All in all it was a great day! My son had a blast which is the important part!

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