Essential Photography School ~website review

For those who have been around awhile know how much I love photography and want to learn more! So when I came across the opportunity to try out a few courses I jumped at it!

Essential Photography School is a really easy to follow online photography course.

From their site :

With over 1,100 examples and illustration, the course teach camera features and how to take stunning photographs using professional techniques and methods. The course is organized into nine (9) classes made up of many short, topical videos; making it convenient to learn at your own pace in your spare time. The classes in the course include:

– Mastering Essential Theory
– Advanced Theory and Shooting Level 1 – Advanced Composition
– Advanced Theory and Shooting Level 2 – Generating Depth
– Advanced Theory and Shooting Level 3 – Creating Interest
– Digital Post-Processing Level 1 – Image Correction
– Digital Post-Processing Level 2 – Global Adjustments
– Digital Post-Processing Level 3 – Fine-Tuning Enhancements
– Mastering Black & White Photography
– Lighting Principles & Methods
– Bonus: Motion Photography Techniques

Students get:

– Immediate Online Access to All Course Materials (Anytime)
– Unlimited Viewing of Each Class, Module and Lesson (In Any Order)
– Nearly Seven (7) Hours of Convenient Lessons (Average Length: 3 minutes 15 seconds) “

This site was amazing. I love how you can go at your own pace. There is no “homework” to turn in. In the amount of time I had to review I learned a lot about the rule of thirds and some other shooting/croping techniques. I learned about placement of the object which was something I never really thought about (I am just a click on the fly type of girl).

The videos are very short and to the point. Which was good because I tend to lose my train of thought lol. It was nice to be able to pause in between lessons and do what I needed to do. I also loved how I was able to do the lessons once my kids were in bed so I was uninterrupted.  One of my other favorite aspects- to do these it is $10/month! So much better on the pocket book! 

My goal is to hopefully finish these lessons so I can learn more- it will depend on what my pocket book allows. I am glad I had the opportunity to learn what I did get through though!

*I was not compensated for this review other then a temporary membership for a certain time frame. These thoughts are my own*

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