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First, I just want to say- I love companies that promote health, natural, eating. GoPicnic is another one of those wonderful companies that actually care about the food we eat.

A unique Beginning

I could tell you the same story, someone created a new food line because they had health issues. However, this one is a unique story. It started in 2006 by Julia Stamberger, for Airliners to have a shelf stable, boxed meal solution for the costly fresh food that they served on board. GoPicnic made it so Airliners can offer a quality food option that would not only be healthy but also would reduce waste and require zero preparation.

Who knew that this would catch on? The success they had with airliners lead to new markets such as hotels, tourism, and college and camp food programs. By May 2010 GoPicnic had care packages available for consumers to send to faraway family and friends. Less then a year later, in January 2011, the company added 8 new ready to eat boxed lunches for retail.

What is GoPicnic exactly?

GoPicnic meals are meals packed with foods from premium brands such as Crunchmaster, Enjoy Life and more. My first thought was- a healthy, less processed, more convenient Lunchable (you know with the crackers, meat and cheese and the little desert)! The meals require no refrigeration, heating or preparation. The boxes are the perfect size to fit in a backpack, laptop bag, and each item is individually wrapped so you can even make it fit in a handbag.

The items that go into these meals are made with zero trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or colors, and no MSG. Their packaging is clearly labeled with the ingredients so those with special dietary needs,like gluten intolerance, can find a meal right for them! They do have some that are gluten free, some that are vegetarian and some that are kosher! That makes it so that there is something for everyone to enjoy!

The Products!

I received 2 meals that were gluten free. The first was Turkey Stick & Crunch. This meal was wonderful.

Wait- see that, on the far left? Oh imagine my excitement to see an Enjoy Life cookie in it! I will not lie, I horded that item for myself! OK, so I was nice and let my kids have a little nibble of the cookie, but I had the majority of it! All in all this package had:  Old Wisconsin Turkey snack stick, Popchips BBQ flavored chips, Niagara Natural Tropical Fruit Bites, Sweet Perry Orchards Baja Blend Fruit & Nut Mix, and last- my Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Cookie! I love how this box was packed with items we love as well as products we never tried before! This one was our favorite of the two boxes!

Next we tried Hummus and Crackers ready to go meal. This one was a tad more interesting as we have never had hummus.

This item is one of their packages that is not only gluten free, but also vegan. The five items in it was Wild Garden Hummus dip, Crunchmaster Multi-seed crackers, Sweet Perry Orchard Baja Blend Fruit & Nut Mix, Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame and Endangered Species Dark Chocolate square. These are all items we have never tried. But I am glad we did. Hummus is not a favorite of mine so I am not sure if I will get this particular packaging but everything else was really good. Especially the dark chocolate square. That was another one I only let the kids have a little nibble on!

Over all I love these! I think they will be great for school lunches, if you work and cant get away from your desk often it would be great for that. Use it in a brown bag for your child’s field trip, or even just to keep on in the car for an unexpected road trip. I could go on and on about where I can think to use these. Living in tornado ally though I think I will buy a few of these for our emergency kit.

You can purchase these packages online or in some of your major retailers. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, twitter and Google+!   

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~I received the above products for free as the only form of compensation. The thoughts in this review are my own and were not persuaded in any way. ~

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  1. Patty A

    These sound delicious! I love healthy meal/snack items. I’m planning a little picnic for hubby and I in about a month, so I’ll check this out to see if it will work for us.


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