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Gluten Free for Jen

I wanted to take a moment to invite you all to help me celebrate a very special time. On August 23rd my husband and I will be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary! Of course that means- DATE NIGHT!
To help celebrate I am putting together a giveaway that would feature things to help make that Date Night fun!
So far our sponsors are:
Park Lane w/ Alisa- A $63 necklace
Corset Chic- a $30 corset of winners choice
Lilla Rose- a hair clip valued at $16
Cloud 9- Sugar Scrub valued at $24
UPDATE: 2 new prizes added: A lavender gift basket (bath & body type products) worth $28 and a second necklace valued at $54- so far over $200 worth of prizes!
There are two ways you can help!
Sponsorship: If you would like to Sponsor a prize please contact me. Sponsor receive links of their choice on rafflecopter, as well as a Sponsor Spotlight post and a link in the giveaway post. Prizes we would love to add- make up, purse, shoes, restuarant gift certificate, just anything you can think of that is A- family friendly, and B- something to make that night special!
Bloggers: You can receive 1 free link on the rafflecopter! All I ask is that you first do a promotional post leading people to this posting. Second, that you post the provided HTML coding on time when the giveaway goes live. Last- that you promote it at least twice on FB or twitter.
Since this is my first large giveaway I am limiting this to 100 bloggers and sign ups end on 8/1!
Blogger Sign ups are closed. If you would like to sponsor a prize please contact me no later then 8/7!

You may post the follow code on your side bar:

<center><a href=” ” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Gluten Free for Jen” src=””/></a></center>
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