Right on the Walls~ Review

If you are looking for that perfect way to add some fun to your childs room look no further!

Right on the Walls specializes in vinyl wall art and other personalized gifts. They have a wide variety of original designs that can be done in any color to match just about any home decor or even the office!

With Right on the Walls you can:

Instantly transform any room with a design made-to-order just for you! We offer hundreds of original ideas created by our own staff of professional designers.

Don’t see exactly what you want? Create your own wall art with our do-it-yourself interactive Creative Center web-tool. Type your own text, choose a font, letter size, decal color and even add clipart or embellishments to create your own wall decal masterpiece!

Of course the one my son instantly sought out was something law enforcement. He found this badge decal and did not want to look a minute further!

The directions that came with it were easy to follow. Our decal came in two parts, the badge then the writing. My husband and I first put up the star. We some how managed to get a few air bubbles but it still looked good. You definately need your patience for this one! Next came the lettering. This was a little more difficult for me. For som reason the lettering was sticking to the paper (both the transfer sheet and the paper backing) but after some patience I was finally about to seperate the two and put the letters up on the wall. I love the way it turned out. They do advise testing out the wall, so they send two test patches to make sure it will stick, and not peel any paint or wallpaper.

Right on the Walls had so many great graphics to choose from. They also had personalized mugs, puzzels, mouse pads and more! I believe I just found my christmas gifts this year for everyone! The prices are amazing and the quality is outstanding! So hurry on over and check them out on their page, use discount code BR15DCT to save 15% on your order. Be sure to also check them out on facebook and twitter to stay up to date on new products and deals!

~Disclosure: I received one or more of the products from the company to review as the only form of compensation. There are not any affiliate links in this I was not paid for my opinion other then the cost of product. However, these thoughts are my own and are my honest opinion. ~

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