Tropic Mind- Website Review

Over the past few weeks Danny has been trying out a new educational website Tropic Mind. The website makes learning fun for kids.
From their site:
“Tropic Mind is an educational virtual world for kids, composed of many colorful islands. Every island is inhabited by unique educational content, offering kids a wide variety of activities.”
The content on this site is created by educators and covers physics, the humon body/health, Geography, Astronomy, Math and more! Parents can easily log in to verify what their child is doing, and the site is constently being monitored for inappropriate usage. Kids can even notify the staff of content that is not wanted by a simple button!
This site can be free to use, but you have limited access. You can join to gain access to more islands and fun. Here are some examples of what they have:
You travel around on a boat from island to island- you even have your own where you can have your avatar change outfits, keep a pet and more!

One of the games have kids select the greater then/less then numbers

Others are more basic like simple counting
My son loves the games one here. They keep him interested and he likes how you can do thing like raise a pet in between learning. The pet thing is something that teaches kids things like- clean up after it, give it a bath, play with it, kind of like those giga pets that were around for the longest time (I just aged myself lol). Pretty much if you don’t care for it, it runs away!
I liked it for the educational fact- it was challenging for my son yet simple as well. One thing I did not like was that they had a world chat that anyone  who is a member can get into and you can send messages to other players. I felt that was not really appropriate for my 6 year old (I discovered by seeing a message from some girl telling him hi) but when I asked if there was a way to shut it off they were quick to respond. They have disabled it as a whole until they can figure out how to make it so the parents can choose to have it off or on. Other then that I think it is a great site and would continue to let my son use it.
*the only compensation I received was a trial membership to allow my son to sample the benefits of the full access to do this review*

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