Crazy Day!

Misty excited to see the FedEx Man

Wow this has been a crazy day! Ok more like a crazy week. I have been writing for our town’s magazine and have some articles to get in by the 1st! eek! I still have 2 to do. One I am worried I wont have done in time either. On top of that I am on call at the school. I worked there on Monday and it was a lot of fun!

If you are a stay at home mom with all your kids in school I highly recommend being a para sub. That is a job that does not require I certificate. Monday I was able to assit kids with their reading lessons, some math (that was scary!) and assist in the lunch room (motrin needed next time!). They wanted me to come in today but I have to get these articles done. Otherwise I would of been there spending the day in the Library!

Today was a fun day though, some downs to it but nothing I can’t over come. My favorite part was when the FedEx man showed up. My dog ran circles and up to the door just talking away in excitment. I think she gets more excited over deliveries then I do now! But I blame the FedEx man for that. He gives her treats! So now whenever the mail man, the UPS man or the FedEx man show up she gets all sorts of excited and sniffs at the boxes.

It has been interesting being with out both kiddos during the day. I was afraid I would be bored and run out of things to do. Between the magazine and this I stay plenty busy though. So some things you may notice. My Bi-Weekly menu is coming back. I really want to get a better handle on this and get back to my recipes! Which brings me to my next one- my recipes. I have been really bad about sharing them with you guys and that was one of the main reasons I started this page. Last but not least- my photo wednesday. I miss doing that! I hope to go do some scenic pictures soon too. Hoping one of these days I will find time to do that!

What are some things you would like to see on here? Anything you want more of or less of? I want this to get back to the personal feel it was originally started in so I want to hear from you guys! Also I want to do more of a feature recipe! Even if you do not run a blog- if you have a recipe let me know! I would be happy to do a fan recipe of the week!

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