Never Forget.

I have gone back and forth as to if I am was going to do a tribute post. And I was not going to. But then something hit me. Anger. Frustration. Any emotion you can possibily imagine.

I was doing good until I was subbing at the school today. As a teacher’s aid so bounced from a few different class rooms. Then World History came. The teacher decided to show some CNN footage from the day and a show (which is running on History) called 102 Minutes That Changed America. I did everything I could not to cry…… Again…..

I remember where I was 11 years ago. I worked for a bank. And we were unusually slow and we couldn’t figure out why, until some lady yelled at us for not having our flags lowered. We turned on the radio and heard the news. We all just sank. Then panic for me set in as I heard the news report of the pentagon. I had a friend there…Luckily he was safe. Then even more panic. A plan in PA. I have relatives there! Where in PA, what town? I was frantically calling my mom, crying, my boss was telling me to go home but I didn’t want to. Finally she called the bank- my family was safe. I was angry and frustrated. That day was erie. The next day- hard to comprehend what had just happened. Pissed because I knew it would mean war- I knew that meant my uncles being set away….

11 years later all those emotions were brought back. My 7 year old has been hearing about it. Asked what people were talking about and asked if what his friend was saying was true. So we turned on the History Channel. For 2 hours he sat quietly, just watching. I asked him if he was ok and if he had any questions. He said no… but then all of a sudden frustration kicked in. The hardest questions I have yet to be asked

“Why would they want to do that!?!?!?”
“Why didn’t the Trooper Planes stop them!?!?!?”

Stab. Right to the heart. See we teach my son that the men and woman in blue are there to help him, to help people. To stop the bad guys.After all, his father wears blue proudly.  His little mind went straight to- why didn’t the cops stop them? To see his emotion and him comprehending how bad this was just amazing but sadden me. I assured him that if they could of stopped them, they would of. But no one knew this was coming. He watched the firefighters on TV, watched the cops. He knew. He knew they tried. I explained it as best as I could and I hope in time he will understand. But then again, I still can not fully understand why today happened. We all know it was an attack on our country, we all know who did it. But it is the why.

Those involved will never be forgotten. I am a proud LEOW and my kids are proud of their Daddy. To all you other LEO families- your scrafices are not unnoticed, and are worth it. To the LEO’s THANK YOU! Thank you for protecting us, thank you for putting safety above everything else. Stay safe and come home!

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