A little of this and a little of that

I have got to tell you, my kids at times know the best moments to be cute and make me smile! I have been battling a head ache all day but their goofing around outside made me smile and it seemed like nothing mattered.

It was time for their Daddy to go to work. And since he now goes in earlier in the evening they can chase him down the drive way again. Well today- while doing this I heard my daughter singing “Bye Bye my daddy” over and over in a goofy tone. When I asked her what was with the song she simple replied “cause I love my daddy”… Talk about making your heart melt!

Once he left they started chasing each other around and my son would come running up behind me telling me to save him. Munchkin would laugh hysterically over this for some reason. She thought it was funny her brother was “afraid” of her. All that fun though did not stop him from very excitedly pointing out a plan that was flying near by.

This was what I needed after the long week I had. To make it better- we ended it tonight with curling up on the couch together watching Happy Feet 2 and Hubby will have the next 3 days off! Things are slowly starting to turn around for us and I am so excited that this chapter of our lives is turning out this way!

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