DIY Fall Decorating Ideas

It is that time of year again! Thanksgiving celebration and fun fall festival. Decorate your table using pumpkins and squash and leaves! My kid’s school is doing a Grandparent/Special Friend day and each child was allowed to bring in a table decoration for the lunch. There were so many cute ideas but I wanted to share some of the ones that stood out to me. I did not create any of these but I do envy those who did! I wish I was this creative!

Make a cake! The details on this was amazing! And yes that is Cinderella on top!

Jen thought this was the best one! 

two great ideas! Use Potato Head parts like this little pumpkin. The owl is another favorite of mine!

Captain America to the rescue! 

Have an old pot? turn it into a scarecrow head!

This made a really cute goose! 

Add some flare! Simple glitter sticks did these! According to the first grader who made one of them- just take the glitter stick and rub it all over! 

Another simple pumpkin. Painted black then us tacs to turn it into a spotted ball of fun!

There you go! A bunch of fun for the family and cute creative ideas! Have fun!

~I was not paid for this posting! I did not create any of these just thought I would share some creative decorations that were donated to my kid’s school for a special day!~

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