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Sometimes it is really hard to find a gluten free bake good item that doesn’t taste dry and grainy. You all know what I am talking about- it just isn’t the same! Well at Screamin’ Good Bakery they have found a way to make their gluten free treats just as delicious as the original!

Rise’s (the owner- pronounced Ree-sa) son is not only autistic but was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease. When that happened she started her quest to find those melt in your mouth treats. By experimenting with different base ingredients she has created special recipes that have resulted in her great tasting baked goods!

Their baked goods come from the freshest and natural ingredients and is made in Traveler Rest, South Carolina. The company has been going strong since 2008!

Now the items I received were a chocolate chip cookie, Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies, Espresso Brownies, a vanilla cupcake, and a carrot muffin!  

Now their cookies were the first to be devoured. Sweets in this house are a rare treat so they don’t often last to long! I did not get to try the Chocolate Chip Fudge ones but my kids said they were really good! The Chocolate Chip one was really good! It almost had a nutty flavor to it as well!

The Carrot Muffin was nice and moist and full of flavor. I warmed it up a bit and enjoyed it with a ncie cup of Chai. The kids each tried some and they enjoyed as well. The carrot taste was not to over powering so it was a nice blend of flavors!

The cupcake was no different! It was nice and moist. The frosting was just the right amount of sweet. I loved them! My kids were rather disappointed that they did not get to try that one but hey- at least there was no fighting over who got it! I think this would be a great item to order for a birthday party or family get together!

Last but not least- the Espresso Brownies. I was really hesitant to try this one. In fact, it took me a few days to build up the courage. See, I am not a coffee person- so the word espresso, threw me off. That said once I finally did try them I was pleasantly surprised! They were not dry, but rather moist. They had a great chocolate flavor with just a hint of the espresso flavor! The first person I thought of when I tried these was our lovely #2 who also runs Coffee Matters! I think I may need to send her some this Christmas!

Overall their products were really good! I highly recommend giving them a try for yourself. You can learn more about Screamin’ Good Bakery on their site or stop by and tell them hi on their facebook page!

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