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We love to cook around here and I love to grill. But I also love flavor!

Daddy Hinkles is a company built off of a dream. James Hinkle (known as Daddy Hinkle once his first grandson was born)worked hard and him and his wife loved to entertain. He was big on juice flavorful steaks so his wife would combine garlic salt, celery salt and other spices to “doctor up” their meats. In 1994 they sold their first case of marinade and grew from there. Mixes and marinades that were passed down from generation to generation is the key to this company’s succes. It is now ran by Lee Merrifield, Daddy Hinkles Great Granddaughter.

They carry a unique mix of marinades and seasoning rubs so you are sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds. I received some of the seasoning rubs to try out. These are gluten free and contain no MSG! They have Onion Garlic, Cumin Oregano or Spicy Pepper as well as a low sodium blend. All of these flavors are unique and amazing! I used the Onion Garlic on some pork and then baked in the oven. They gave the pork a really nice flavor and it was not over powering. Another good way to use that one is with potatoes. Cumin Oregano is also good on some pork and I honestly have not tried the spicy pepper yet!

These are also good on some steamed veggies to add a little extra flavor! I really enjoy the bold yet subtle taste that these offer meats. We love to grill so the rubs are perfect for us! I have noticed some of their Marinade Rub combo packs on the store shelves in my area so I may have to try their marinade!

I really recommend trying them out! You can learn more by visiting the Daddy Hinkles website! You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

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