Winter Break!

Winter break started early for my kiddos by a blizzard moving through the area last Wednesday. We had about 9 inches of snow and of course our drifts are much bigger! I have been jealous of my hubby because he has been home playing with them in the snow while I have been stuck working!

Since we do not know where the good sledding hills are my kids have made their own! The use the pile that the tractor created when clearing out drive as a small hill to go down!

It can be hard to get a picture of my son so when he paused I was all over it! He can be such a cutie at times! Although must of the time he is an ornery little turkey like his Daddy!

Leave it to Jen to pause and pose for me! She is my little ham and loves getting her picture taken!

Of course no one is having more fun then our husky! She is loving this! We will throw a snow ball up and she will jump up and catch it. This is a big clump that she caught and is gladly attacking it. You would think it was a bone or something!

My 3rd kid! She is trying to convince my kiddos to come and get her! I love playing out in the snow with my kiddos. I love getting pictures of them and capturing those moments. If only I had a better camera to do it with! Capturing moments like these are a reminder of how blessed I am to be where we are at and to have the wonderful family I have!

So I may be MIA over the next few weeks with winter break, Christmas, New Years and my daughters birthday. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to the year to come and getting to know you guys even more!

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