Fight the Shedding with @FURminator_Inc

As you may have read we have a fur baby in our house. Our very loved, one of us, Siberian Husky- Misty! She is only 2 years old and is 100% kid! She likes to wake the kiddos up in the morning, loves to tell them goodnight at bedtime, loves to play with them, especially in the snow.

However, with such a beautiful, playful dog, comes a lot of FUR! I mean a lot! For 10 months out of the year I am constantly brushing and vacuuming, 5 of those 10 months I can easily vacuum twice a day or my carpet will look like a stuffed animal exploded.

Not the greatest picture but you can see the clumps of fur all over the place!

My poor vacuum can not keep up with all the shedding that this dog does. So this year my goal is to be proactive and stay ahead of the shedding (if that is even possible). One of the things I kept hearing about was the FURminator! I just had to give it a try!

The FURminator was started by Angie Porter, a professional pet groomer. For over a decade she kept trying to come up with a good quality tool that would help with shedding. When she realized there wasn’t one, her and her husband decided to create one!

The FURminator deShedding Tool is the first tool to safely, effeciently, and comfortably remove the pets loose undercoat.

I was really excited to start using my Large Dog Long Hair deShedding Tool. We are in one of the “down” months for shedding but we still get some fur here and there laying about. I can tell by the look of her coat that it wont be long before the clumps start showing. We use this once a week on her fur. At first I wasn’t sure about it. The fur would almost just float every where and stick to me and lots of static. So I talked to my sister in law who is a groomer for PetSmart. She just loves the FURminator especially on Huskies and told me to get a mist bottle to help battle the static issue. So I did and I was surprised!

First I used our regular brush- as you can see not much fur coming off
I sprayed my dog with some water and the fur just came out gently! It  has a button to release the furn from the brush
after 5 minutes I have a decent ball of fur! I know in a few months it will be much more then this!

My dog actually just laid there for me to brush her! Normally she tries to nip at the brush but this time she just laid back like she was enjoying it! I think as long as I do this at least once a week we should stay ahead of the shedding!

Over all- I love this product! I think my dog loves it too! They have a deShedding tool for any type of dog so if you have a small medium or large dog with either long or short fur you are good to go! They even have some deShedding tools for all those cute cats out there!

To learn more about the FURminator be sure to check out their website. You can purchase one online or find a store near you by using their retail locator. Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter for any up to date news!

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12 thoughts on “Fight the Shedding with @FURminator_Inc

  1. Rochelle

    I used to have a long haired cat and I had the Furminator for him. It was incredible! If I ever have a long haired cat again (or even a short haired one), I’ll definitely get another Furminator. Totally worth the cost.


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