It’s a Roller Coaster!

Well- this week has certainly been a roller coaster! I started out the week working at the school. That is truly a blessing every day I get to work there. My biggest accomplishment there was when a kid just couldn’t focus on his reading. He gets into trouble every day because he just can not focus. So the second day I pulled him aside for reading. I asked him if he could be like superman and be a super reader for me. He stared at me blankly and I told him I bet he could read better then superman. So he started reading, first 3 lines he did great so I gave him a high 5, the next three lines same thing, the last three… well needless to say we made it through reading lessons in record time! I only hope that encouragement I did with him is being continued. I wish I was there every day.

During the week my son lost his other upper tooth. Hearing him talk now is so cute since, as you can see, he is missing 3 teeth right now! He is rather proud of himself for that one!

But this week also came with illness. I had some strange virus (don’t think it was the influenza). It made me ache all over and had a headache and a fever and exhausted. By the second day I was just exhausted. Then my hubby got it, although this time his had— well lets just say I am thinking it was a stomach virus. So far the kiddos have not gotten it.

Friday came with my kid’s being excited over their lunch. We usually send lunches because of Jen’s allergy to gluten. But we decided to let them buy their lunch for once (she was crying the day before about just wanting to be like her friends). They were serving omelets with sausage and hash browns and fresh fruit. My daughter was loving it! She was so happy and excited! Me personally- I was excited over the “stuffed crust” pizza I made!

Over all this week I would say we have had a great time! I feel very blessed with everything. We have decided to list our house that we have been renting out for sale in hopes to buying a new one in our new community. So far we have had one person email and ask questions so that is promising. The person is looking for investment property so that is even better because then my parents could continue renting! Hopefully something comes up from that! We also found out that my hubby gets almost 2 weeks off in February and then a week of in June! We may have a chance at taking a family trip!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. This week I am working at one of my jobs pretty much every day so it is sure to be a busy one!

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8 thoughts on “It’s a Roller Coaster!

  1. Kimberly C.

    Your pizza looks so yummy! I just learned that all the “gluten-free” substitutes I have been enjoying are still high glycemic and bad for me. 🙁 How often do you eat wheat substitutes?

    1. Gluten Free for Jen

      very very very rarely do I eat wheat. In fact I shouldn’t at all because when I do I break out in a rash, same with my daughter. Those who are truly Gluten Intolerant or Celiac should never consume wheat. There is some truth to the high glycemic issue. If you do not have to go gluten free but are doing so it can actually cause blood sugar issues and other medical problems. There are more carbs in GF foods then there are in their gluten counter part. However- studies have proven that Celiac and Gluten Intolerance is also linked to Diabetes and going gluten free has helped some of those with type 2 diabetes and for some they have even been able to stop taking insulin all together. That is why I never promote doing gluten free just to lose weight and only doing so under a doctors care. Never self treat.


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