NESCO 6 QT Roaster Review

One of my goals this year is really cracking down on my budget friendly meals. I want to attempt to make meals out of one main dish more often. So far this has been a challenge thanks to my 7 year old son who seems to be going through a growth spurt! So I need to think even larger. Maybe roasting some beef and then make numerous dishes or maybe a chicken. But I didn’t really have anything I could that in.

A while back I had introduced you to NESCO with their 4 in 1 Pressure Cooker. Between that in their food dehydrator I have been in love. So I thought I would check out another one of their products, a 6 Quart Roaster Oven.

Now just to refresh your memory and for anyone new NESCO started back in the 1930’s with their roaster. Originally National Enameling and Stamping Company (NESCO®) was a long time pots and pans, buckets, and other cooking and farm accessory producer. Then a few engineers started experimenting with electricity, some wires and a double boiler. By 1981 the product was popular and was purchased by The Metal Ware Corporation who has continued to create electric cookware under the NESCO name. 

The 6 quart Roaster is a popular size because of how much it can cook, yet it is easy to transport to gatherings. It will cook food naturally and evenly with it’s “Circle of Heat®” electric element that goes around the sides of the Roaster. The cookwell can come in either a porcelain or a Nescote non stick cookwell, and you can choose from stainless steel, white, red, or green! So far the only thing I have made with this is a chicken. With different temperature settings it is easy to cook just about anything from meats to soups to even biscuits! I preheated the roaster while I prepped the chicken. with a garlic wine sauce. 

I set the timer for about an hour. Then I checked in on it. It was starting to look golden and juicy! I basted it with a little more of the garlic wine sauce and some of the juices from the bottom of the roaster closed the lid and let it cook for 30-45 minutes more. 
What I got in the end was this incredible juicy 3-4lb chicken. It was really good and evenly cooked. I was able to use the left overs to make a chicken and rice dish. Clean up was easy as well, with the lid and the cookwell being dishwasher safe!
NESCO truly never disappoints with their products. Overall I am happy with this product and can not wait to use it again! I really recommend checking them out for your cooking needs! 
You can learn about this product and any of their other cooking items on the NESCO website. You can also order them on! Feel free to also follow them on Facebook, Youtube, or sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on any new products or great recipe ideas! 
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