Scary Yet Interesting Facts

Ok I am honestly sick of hearing about all this talk about guns being a problem and we need more gun control. Let’s forget that you already have to go through background checks, waiting periods and so much more in order to get a weapon. In most states in order to conceal carry you even have to take a COURSE!

So lets look at some real problems-

First- we as a country have desensitized our children to violence  Look at the shows that are on TV, the movies that come out, the video games they play. You sit there and say “not my child” but are you with him/her every second of their life? What ever happened to our kids being kids, going outside and playing. There was even recently a case where a kid admitted he killed his sister and mother because he saw how easy Mike Meyers did it in the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween. He wondered if he would be able to do it with ease and be at peace with it like the movie showed…

Second- drugs. Would some of the people who do these things do them if they were not on them? There were a Total of 12,664 (8500 caused by guns and then other means are listed) murders in 2011 according to one FBI Database of those 390 occured during a Drug related felony offence. Then if you look at the CDC there were a total of 40,239 drug induced deaths. That is is way higher then the homicide by firearm rate of 11,101 deaths. Did you know that as many as 230 cities here in the US have Mexican drug cartel operating in them? Let me put it this way- on 2/29/12 the Border Patrol seized $5.55 Million in Meth. That was just one incident that one day. On Jan 17 of 2012 they reported that one of their ports seized over $17 million worth of marijuana in a two month time frame. Imagine how much more they seize on a daily basis and at other ports!

Third- Alcohol. Yes, Alcohol. Did you know that you are more likely to die from an alcohol related incident then you are then by a gun. In 2011 there were 26,256 alcohol induced deaths and there were 34,677 auto accident related deaths (again higher then the homicide by firearm rate of 11,101 deaths).  The year prior,  the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 32,885 people died in a traffic crashes in 2010. Of those 32K deaths 10,228 were people who died in drunk driving incidents (accounting for 31% of all traffic deaths). It also starts with our kids. Just last night my husband had to drive a kid home because he was underage and drinking. This was the kid’s 2nd MIP in the past 3 months.. New Years eve a party was broken up and resulted in 13+ MIP’s a majority of them were high school basketball players who now can not play for a majority of the season. How many scholarships just went down the drain because a recruit will not be able to see that kid play? Talk to your kids, is alcohol really worth it?

Last- Harsher punishments. Did you know that 70% of the people that commit crimes that involve weapons are repeat offenders? Yep. Then we also have judges like the one who gave a St. Louis man a 4 year prison sentance for open firing on a police station! Yes- 4 years- the incident happend in 2010 and he was just sentanced. So figured 2 years time served plus any good behavior laws, this man will probably be back out on the streets by the end of the year if he isn’t already. What does that tell would be criminals? It tells them you can openly shoot in a crowded place and not get in trouble for it! Or in Nebraska when a judge sentenced a child sex offender to probation because of his size! She openly admitted he was only getting probation because of how short he was- she was afraid he would be hurt in prison… My thought- TO BAD! He shouldn’t of raped a child to begin with! That judge was voted out very quickly!

My question is this: When have we as a country, sat our morals aside for the sake of entertainment. A person would rather go out and risk killing someone for a few drinks then have a good time with out a beer. Drugs are coming across our borders every day and getting into the hands of our children . Yet we are so focused on gun control right now. We need to stop being friends to our kids and being parents. We need to be involved, we need to quit being afraid of law enforcement. Everything above are the type of things my husband deals with on a daily basis and yet no one is on TV promoting for stricter drug laws and alcohol laws or harsher punishments. I think we need to come together and focus on some of the real problems this country has instead of sticking our heads in the sand and waiting for our government to do something. Those gun laws are only going to affect law abiding citizens. They will not stop criminals who do not care. If they cared about the laws in the first place they would not be criminals, we would not have accidents caused by drunk driving, and we would not have the drug problems this country has.

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9 thoughts on “Scary Yet Interesting Facts

  1. christinadesignsart

    It is for sure not the gun that kills, but who really needs a semi-automatic weapon?? Those are the gun laws I support, if they weren’t on the streets, people couldn’t use them. Legally, or not.

    Otherwise, I agree with you about the video game violence and movie violence that is all to real, even some tv shows glamorize murder and they are being played on regular network television when kids are able to watch them.

    1. Gluten Free for Jen

      The problem is what they classify as a “semi automatic” will take away shot guns from hunters and even some pistols from people like me who use it for protection. A pistol does not hold many rounds and it still does not shoot by holding the trigger in like they are trying to say it does. All it does is pull the bullet up into the chamber so you don’t have to take the time to cock the gun to get it ready to fire again. I am sorry if someone breaks into my house and trying to hurt my kids I do not want to take even half a second making sure there is another round in the chamber.

  2. Michelle

    Thank you so much for this post. I have arguing stuff about guns all day because i am so sick of it. Most gun related crimes are done by people illegally obtaining guns. I see people siting Sandy Hook as a reason, but that was done by illegally obtained guns. The guy stole his mother’s legally obtained guns. I am a strong supporter of my 2nd amendment rights and am sick of people trying to take them away. I have every right to defend my home and my family if someone should try to harm any of us. the cops can’t be here instantaneously in order to stop someone if they tried to harm us.

    1. Gluten Free for Jen

      While I do agree something needs done I don’t think adding more laws will fix the problem sadly. Look at drugs- there are more drug issues and those are already illegal. We need to fix the root causes before we can look at the means of how those are carried out.

  3. e.sadlersfan

    I agree with you on all but the movie and TV shows. I have been watchin Holloween and those type movie sense I was around 7 years old, and I have never killed anyone and yes I own 3 guns. When people use that as to why they did something I think they are just trying to put the blame somewhere else.

    1. Gluten Free for Jen

      While I agree with you I also think the point of how we glorify crime was missed. I know plenty people who watch shows like that as well and are just fine. But it is the fact that movies have desensitzed society. Kids are not shocked and criminals just want their 5 minutes of fame because we glorify things like that.


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