Getting Fit Week 1

Gluten Free for Jen
I have talked about my struggle with being fit in the past and I have blogged about my journeys. This time I have recruited some friends to help me stay motivated and I will be sharing my journey and their tips and journeys with you each week via the Hoppin For Health
First some about me- Being a mom of 2 having the energy and strength to keep up with them is a must. My family medical history just stinks to be honest. So I am determined to change that as much as possible. My determination grew when I was diagnosed with Hypertension (high blood pressure) and I am only 32 years old. I do not want to go down that path so I am always looking for ways to improve my health all the way around. 
One of the things I have done is eat healthier. I was also diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance and with those foods being higher in starches and lacking in nutrients I am trying to make sure I eat more fresh fruits and veggies then I used to. I also backed off on how much bread and pasta I consumed. That step alone consisted of watching my carbs and eating less processed foods, not eating out as much and eating more fresh foods. Because of that little step and exercising a little more then I used to I lost 30 pounds in one year. 
Now that I have the heatlhy eating down there are some things I personally would like to improve. Here are more goals:

  1. Back off of Soda- I confess I drink at least one soda a day. That is a ton of sugar, salt and caffeine and do I really need it?
  2. Drink more water- I am horrible about drinking water! I can not stand it- but I need to drink more so my goal is to start small and drink at least 8 oz a day and then work up during the course of this journey to drinking more then that. 
  3. quit with the sweets- While I eat healthier I still battle with a sweet tooth- my goal is to park that craving
  4. exercise more- I am going to come up with an exercise routine and stick to it! 
I will keep all of this by keeping a fitness journal. I will keep track of what I eat each day, what exercises I do and how I feel. I will also keep track of my weight during this time. I am 15lbs away from my target weight so hopefully by making these minor adjustments I can reach that by summer time! The main reason I have a set target weight is not so I look good in a swimsuit- but so I can back off on taking hypertension medicine. My biggest goal of this whole thing is to not have to take any BP medicines. 
Now for the bad part- This is me back in July- I haven’t changed at all stayed the same weight wise and these are my starting numbers (no laughing now!):
Weight- 144lbs
waist- 34 inches

My target weight is 130. I hope by achieving the above 4 goals that I will reach that target weight. Maybe then I can back off on my blood pressure medicine!

Be sure to head back over to our Hoppin for Health for other great fitness tips and getting fit journeys! 

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5 thoughts on “Getting Fit Week 1

  1. Brr23

    Good luck with your Journey! I started mine about a month ago! I gave up my soda and I used to drink about one 2 liter in a day! I now drink a lot of water and it was hard at first but I found doing things like adding lemon, orange or drink mixes to the water helps me a lot!


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