Over this Week!

I wish I had some cute picture of my kiddos I could share with you but this week has been a very stressful week.

For the first time I let my hubby’s job get the best of me. My mind is just in a million different areas of anger and fear and I just can not focus. I know I have promised some giveaways and I do have 2 I hope to get posted tomorrow. But right now- my mind is on him.

It started Thursday morning- I got a text while I was working telling me he missed out on a shoot out/car chase Wednesday night. I thought gee darn and went on with my life. Hubby went into work early for some training and I took my son to cub scouts. Having their Daddy home for 10 days and then him going back to work took a toll on them. They were chaotic! But alas bed time came and went and hubby got home. That is where my break down started.

The chase Wednesday night involved one of my hubby’s friends. He is around the same age as us, married with kiddos the same age as ours. Well- the jerk (sorry I have no other name to call him) decided running from them was not enough- so he shot at them! My hubby’s friend’s cruiser was hit 5 times, once through the windshield and lodged in the dash board just in front of the steering wheel! Then a second Trooper had his car hit 3 times by bullets- one of the bullets again, went through the windshield and landed in a pillar that is in between the driver seat and the passenger seat. Needless to say- both those brave men were being watched and were really Blessed that night! They are shaken up, especially the younger of the two (my hubby’s friend) but will be ok. But that was not all- while my hubby was working Thursday night- he was sent to a certain area because of a chase in a neighboring state that was coming into our state. Luckily the other state was able to stop the idiot before he crossed the state line otherwise- hubby would of been dealing with that.

Hearing all of that just hit me. If my hubby would of been on duty on Wednesday he would of been at the shooting one. Then he almost got involved in a chase. I thought- what would I do if I needed to rush off to a hospital. We live 2 hours from our family, who would I call to watch my kiddos until family got here, or would they take my kids to the hospital with me. What would happen? I find myself hoping to never find out!

As if all of that was not enough excitement, my hubby got into his car tonight- got an alert- another chase- be on alert in case it came this way, blah blah blah. Seriously? Wasn’t 2 a few days prior enough? When will this madness stop? The thing that irritated me the most- is the first jerk (the one who shot at cops) was just RELEASED for a prior felony! Oh and he was wanted for murder- they had let him go on bond and he didn’t show for his arraignment on Wednesday (go figure because Criminals care about laws right?). We need harsher punishments for guys like these. This guy shot at people and all he is being charged with is attempted second degree murder? What about first degree murder?

Don’t get me wrong- I am proud of my hubby for doing what he does. I will continue to support him and be here for him. But right now- with all the madness in the world- I am concerned for him. I pray for him every night and I pray for all the men and women in blue.

So if I seem to be MIA- this is why. We have dealt with a lot and I am just over it. I am ready for this week to be done. I am ready for a new week and to get back on track. If I could just clear my thoughts of all that has happened I would be good to go! But stuff like this weighs on you. I now have a list of people I feel I could call if the need a raises. Lets hope and pray I don’t ever need to use it!

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  1. Liberty Boblett

    That is a hard line of work to be in! Does his force have a Family Support group? Since you live so far from relatives, you might want to make an emergency plan up so you will have something in place.


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