Getting Fit Week 3

I have been in love with this week! Last week was really rough. I was sick had zero appetite and just over all felt blah. But this week has been mazing! I am feeling a lot better and have had a bit more energy. I am still on the mend but doing lots better.

We had a lot going on this week and a crazy school schedule. The highlight of the week was my son had his first PineWood Derby Race. He placed 3rd in his Den (tiger cubs) however he placed 1st for Best of Show (in short- the “judges” thought he had the most creative and best looking car out of all the cub scouts)!

Now for my goals:

Goal 1- Back of Soda: I think I have done fairly good at this! I have only had 3 20 oz soda’s this week. Then split a 1 liter with my hubby. Ok so maybe I haven’t done THAT good. but for me it is a lot better then I usually do (1 20 oz a day sort of person).

Goal 2- Drink More Water- This one I have done really good. I have had some water every day. One day I did manage to drink 24 oz worth! I need to work hard and fight temptation better on these first two goals.

Goal 3- Back off Sweets- This week again, has been really good. I have actually only had a few sweets. I took a break from baking the cupcake mixes I am suppose to be reviewing. I have 2 more flavors to make though so I need to get that going again.

Goal 4- this was my most successful area! I went to work out with my hubby on Wednesday (the first day I truly felt better). I did 1 mile on the treadmill- at first I took it easy but I was able to run for 1/4 mile. Then Thursday my kids and I went on a walk/bike ride (they rode I walked) that was a mile in length total. Friday when I got home from work it was over to the track we went. I did a mile (4 laps) on that as well, also jogging for 1/4 mile of it.  I have done some weights and tonight I had to help push a car out of snow (took 45 minutes) so I count that as a work out!

Overall I am pleased at how this week went. To me it shows I am slowly getting back on track. I worked around the obsticles and made time for exercise. Hopefully this week can be just as good!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Fit Week 3

  1. Sandra R

    LOL Good Luck! You remind me of me when I started my weight loss last year. It’s hard to back off soda, so I did it with Zevia drink. It’s a natural soda and that helped me out so when I wanted soda, I could have it, and it didn’t hurt me. Also on the Water, you need to try to drink at least 3 bottles if not more a day. I used flavoring for water, as I couldn’t stand the taste of nothing! LOL NOW I drink regular water.
    Also you can have as much fresh veggies and fruits as you can stand as they have 0 calories.

    DR OZ also has some great tips.

    I hope these help. Best of luck to you πŸ™‚

  2. DeDa Studios

    Congrats on his squad car taking 1st and also 3rd!!! Sorry to hear you have snow again! I think the cold icky weather is on of the issues! I know it is my issue. Good luck this week. Hop your new snow melts fast! I have my fingers crossed that there is NO Snow for us!

  3. Elizabeth T

    Sounds like it was a great week. Very cute car and happy that he placed in the race. my thing for myself is to drink more water until I can exercise πŸ™‚

  4. Liberty Boblett

    I love the Pinewood Derby car! My son had his race yesterday. He took 1st place overall, and he gets to go to the district race. He is a Weebelos, so this is his last year to race! Congrats for Best of Show!


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