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As you all may know I love jewelry that can be personalized. Something like that means so much more to me then just a “cookie cutter” earring set or necklace (don’t get me wrong I love my sapphires and diamonds!). It says you put thought into it and what you receive often has a meaning behind it.

Terri from So Beautifully Broken has taken that personalization one step further. She takes qoutes and charms and turn them into inspirational hand stamped pieces of art. But that is not all- she will make things using what others may call “Junk Jewelry”. Here is more about her from her site :

” I believe that it is our imperfections that make us beautiful, our mistakes that make us who we are.

I like to buy big boxes of tangled and broken jewelry from yard sales and estate auctions…often referred to as ‘Junk Jewelry.’ I meticulously go through these findings salvaging anything that can be used or repurposed.

Everything I recover was once new and attractive and like so many of us the world has broken them. But just because things are broken, doesn’t mean they are not beautiful…they are in fact, beautifully broken. “

Terri’s talent produces beautiful necklaces and bracelets made just for you. Above is a bracelet I had made by her. This bracelet is Hand Stamped Silver disc Tags/charm all on genuine leather thread. The above picture does not do it justice at all! So here is a better shot:

Photo Courtesy of So Beautifully Broken 

 Each tag has a name on it and is paired up with the charms. Chris is my hubby and his is paired up with handcuffs because he is in law enforcement and I am proud of him for that. Then you have my son Danny and his cowboy boot, he loves to ride horses and wears his boots every day! Then there is Jenny (aka Jen) and her butterfly, she loves them and birds and is always trying to catch them! The extra charms are a horseshoe for our 3 horses and then a paw print for our dog, Misty. To finish it off is a simple toggle clasp.

I love this bracelet! I wear it every day as it represents who I am, and I am nothing with out my family! The quality of it is amazing and her pieces are very affordable! Terri is really easy to work with and really sweet. She replies to your message promptly and was a great joy to work with!

You can connect with Terri through the following links

So Beautifully Broken Website
So Beautifully Broken Etsy

I highly recommend you go start browsing! This would make a perfect Mother’s Day Gift! And speaking of Mother’s Day- Terri is also a sponsor for our Mother’s Day Gift Pack! So come back May 1st for your chance to earn a gift code to her Etsy Shop along with some other great prizes!

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12 thoughts on “So Beautifully Broken Review

  1. Autumn Banks

    It’s not Junk Jewelry! It’s Creative Art! I’d never heard of Beautifully Broken before now! Thanks for the awesome review, I will have to check them out soon!!


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