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Being Gluten Free means a lot of spices, flours, flavorings, and well a lot of organizing! It is very easy to let your cabinet “get away” from you needless to say.

I came across the SpiceStack on line and thought: This is a must have- for any kitchen! SpiceStack is a product from YouCopia which was founded in 2006 by a father-daughter duo. The SpiceStack was created to help you organize your cabinet and make finding your favorite spices easier!

a very unorganized cabinet

OK- So here is the embarrassing part- My “before” photo. I was always searching for my spices and moving stuff around, taking things out just to get to what I needed. I would like to say that there was some organization to this chaos, but there wasn’t! It was a pain!

nice and neat now!

I was really excited when I received my SpiceStack. These come in different sizes- The Original SpiceStack  will help you organize 18 full size bottles or 36 half size bottles of spices, The MiniStack will do 12 full size or 24 half size spices. Then you have what I received, The Classic SpiceStack. This is able to hold 24 Full size bottles or 48 half size bottles! Or you can opt for the Chef Edition for even more organization! The drawers on this are nice and sturdy. They pull out and have a latch that will allow it to flip down to make seeing the spices easier.

I love to label things!

And then there is the labeling! They have a sheet that have your classic spices already on it such as rosemary, paprika, cumin, ect. Then you also receive some blank labels to fill in the rest of what you have in those spots! That way you know exactly which drawer to pull open!

I love our spice stack! It has made cooking more simple and I love being able to find spices with out searching! I definitely need more of these! It has been a few weeks and my cabinet is still nice and neat! You can also find a CoffeeStack for those Keurig Pods, or a Medicine MiniStack (which I need!) or a BakeStack (again another one I would use!) on their site to complete your cabinet organization!

I highly recommend checking these out! For all the cooking we do it has come extremely handy and my cabinet looks a lot better! You can order these products online or use their store locater to find a retailer near you! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

~I received the above product in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinion!~

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