Celiac Awareness Month with National Foundation for Celiac Awaraness

As you may have seen me post over the past few days, this month is National Celiac Awareness month! This means a lot to me for a few different reasons.

First for those of you new here let me tell you what exactly is Celiac Disease. Well simply put- it is an auto immune disease that makes it so your body can not process nutrients by flattening the villa in your lower intestine. There are over 300 known symptoms to this disease and if not treated properly it can cause cancer and other auto immune diseases like Chrones or Diabetis. It is also genetical so other family members can get it.

Then there is Gluten Intolerance which is what my daughter, Jen, and I have. It has the same symptoms as Celiac Disease however it is not an immune disorder and is not believed to be genetical. However, it should not be taken any less serious.

A few years ago, my perfectly healthy younger sister was doubling over in pain, multiple ER trips and they couldn’t figure out why. I mean there was no reason why a 20 some year old, athletic person, no medical conditions should have the problems she was having. Finally they did an endoscopy and they found that her villa were completely flat. To confirm their findings they did a total IgA and it came back positive for Celiac Disease. The only cure- go Gluten Free. A few months later I learned my daughter and I had Gluten Intolerance.

Celiac disease affects 1 in every 100 people and of those with Celiac only 1% know they have it. Since this can cause other illnesses it is important to raise awareness of this so more people can properly be diagnosed. Here is a brief video from NFCA with another story

So this month join NFCA to learn about Celiac and Gluten Intolerance. On their Fuel The Family page you can find resources to help educate your family and friends. Once a day they will be sharing a gluten free product that they recommend and you can even download a free tool kit to help you spread the word.

Through out this month I will also be sharing articles about some of the myths, where you can find gluten and then some (most are stories I have already published). Please feel free to check out my resource page for links to helpful websites and some articles I have published.

Please be sure to check out the below links and help spread the word. If you think you may be suffering from Celiac please- do yourself and your family a favor and get tested! Even if your family goes into denial keep pushing them to get tested. Do not give up on them!


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