Cooking with Chef Janet Recap- Tips we learned!

Last week we had a wonderful time chatting for an hour with Chef Janet! She is a Gluten Free Chef who started cooking gluten free 10 years ago. During our chat we learned a few great new tips and had some great questions and learned of some great recipes so I thought I would pass them along for those who may have missed out!

“What’s the beat way to keep gf baked goods from drying out so soon?” : Gluten free baked goods do have a tendency to dry out. It’s kind of the nature of the beast. I leave my baked goods on the counter for no more than 2 days and then freeze them.

do you prefer corn or tapioca starch for baking?  I like a combination of potato starch and tapioca starch. Corn tends to be genetically modified so I try to leave that out. A lot of gluten-free people also like to stay away from corn for other health reasons and potato and tapioca are pretty well tolerated by sensitive people.

I live in a very rural area and do not always have access to GF breadcrumbs. Is there a substitute you would recommend or would it throw the flavor off to much? Buy a loaf of gluten-free bread and toast it. Gluten-free bread tends to break up really well. Alternately you can order it from the great resource for gluten-free items! Glutino makes a great gluten-free breadcrumb

What alternative to sweeteners do you prefer to sugar? definately my all time favorite is coconut palm sugar. It gives gluten free baked goods a really nice caramel flavor. I use it one to one in cookie recipes. And for cakes and muffins I use about 1/3 sugar in the place of the sugar in the recipe– Some other good things about coconut palm sugar is that it is not refined like regular cane sugar and it has a much lower glycemic index than any other sweetener.

I just started trying to eat gluten-free but I don’t even know where to start. Can you give a few tips? Protein and vegetables are always gluten free. Fresh herbs and citrus give great flavor and if you do want to bake. Find yourself a good gluten free cookbook because it is very different from traditional baking. My favorite baking cookbook is called Gluten Free Baking Classics by Annalise Roberts.

What is you favorite blend if flour for baking?  I like to use a blend of brown rice, flour, sourghum flour, and a combination of tapioca starch and potato starch.

How can I eat safely while staying with other people? Thats a tough one, when you are at somebody else’s house, certainly frozen gluten free meals are a good safe option. No stick toaster bags are great if you want to make toast in somebody else’s toaster. And plain protein with fruits and vegetables are always safe. Also when staying with others, DO NOT use thier wooden utensils, always use metal utensils and if you are concerned about any pots or pans just give them an extra wash and thorough rinse before using.

Now that isn’t all we learned. We received some great looking recipes! From a creamy zucchini soup to a gluten free pizza crust to a grilled peach salad with lemon verbena vinaigrette. This really was a fun time. If you are curious as to what other recipes she has cooking check out her blog/recipe of the week page! Don’t forget- Janet will come visit you and teach you how to cook a few gluten free meals! If you live to far away she is willing to skype with you as well! Learn more how you can get a lesson by clicking here

Thank you to all who participated and especially to Janet for joining in! I really learned a lot during that time and can not wait to try out some of her recipes! 

~I was not compensated for this post or for hosting the party. ~
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