@GoodCookcom Touch Products Review

So over the past few weeks I have been a part of a Touch Product Treasure Hunt from Good Cook. As being a part of that Treasure Hunt I received some products to try out!

Good Cook was launched in 1987. They offer you a wide range of cooking products that are high in quality but affordable.

The Touch products that are available are truly amazing. They stainless steel turners, and slotted spoons, some nice kichen shears, a potato masher, a meat tenderizer, a nice pizza cutter I could go on!

My favorite product I received though- was the Apple Wedger. This tool has been a huge time saver for me! My kids will eat apples whole and uncut, but they end up wasting a lot so I normally cut them. Which is fine, but on mornings where I was trying to make their lunches and my lunch, it was a bit of a pain. This is easy to use. Just put over the apple, push down and presto- perfect wedges for your kids! I loved this! I use it daily! 
It is made with stainless steel blades that will cut and core apples and pears. The black handles are sturdy and ergonomical. And my favorite- easy to clean and dishwasher safe! 
You can learn more about this product and other great Good Cook Touch products by visiting GoodCook.com! Also be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for some great deals and some recipes! 

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2 thoughts on “@GoodCookcom Touch Products Review

  1. Bethy

    This reminds me we need a new pizza cuter that doesn’t flake and rust let me know how that one hold up after a while.

  2. Anne

    I’ve had apple wedge tools before but never liked them. This one, however, looks like a redesign of the standard wedger, with comfortable handles to push down on. Thanks for this review–I might not have given this tool a second glance, otherwise.


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