National Police Week

Photo courtesy of The Police Wife Life

It is that time of year again where we honor and celebrate the men and women in blue! National Police Week is where agencies across the nation are honoring those who give all. Events happen in DC at the National Law Enforcement Memorial as well as in many other states.

But it is also a week to honor and thank those who still continue to put their life on the line. This year I have decided to do something small. I will be making the local guys some cookies to show my appreciation for them. They are after all my hubby’s back up if he ever needs it! 
During this week take some time to show your appreciate. If you are a business owner, hang a sign showing that you support these men and women. If you are a wife of an LEO take something to your hubby’s department. It doesn’t have to be big either. 
These guys are not in it for the attention, or for the thank yous or anything so it doesn’t have to be big either. At some point this next week take time to remember those who have fallen and those who are serving.

If you are a LEO family of any kind feel free to check out the other badges that The Police Wife Life has made. She has everything from SERT to game and parks to bomb squad to sgts. If you don’t see one that fits your LEO just ask and she will make one for you! You can find them here!

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