Where has time gone!

So last night while I was debating stayin up late for my hubby or going to bed it dawned on me. It has been a year since we started our new chapter in life. Sorry guys no fancy pictures just pure reflection.

At the end of April last year was the proudest moment a wife could have- her husband having his badge pinned on him. Watching him take that oath to serve and protect and since that day our lives have never been the same.

There is no more normal for us. Our Friday is on Monday, our Monday on Thursday. Birthdays are scheduled around sleep and shifts. There has been training and court like no other. There are nights  where he isn’t home till 6am the next morning and nights where he is home by bedtime. Our life has been everything but normal! I would not change it for the world!

Since moving to our tiny community we have made new friends, found a great church and have really embraced the small town life. I figured if everyone is going to know me it was going to be by actually seeing me and talking to me and not through rumors. I now work at the school part time as a para sub and hope to be full time next fall. Nothing like working around your kid’s schedule then having the exact same one as them! We have gotten my son into Cub Scouts which I have helped out with a lot. Then there is the wrestling, the track and soon T-Ball. We are really making waves in the community. My favorite thing is when I meet someone (yes there are still a few out there) I simply have to say “We are the new trooper family” and they know everything. They know where we live, they know what shift my hubby works, what grade my kids are in and even of our food allergy. And oddly enough, I love it! I would not trade it for the world!

Yes we have had some interesting not so fun times. My hubby’s agency has been a part of a few shoot outs/hostage situations. Luckily he was off for all of them. He did wreck is car already in a chase as well (he was fine). But the biggest frustration has been getting family to understand that we can’t just drop everything and drive 2 hours for a 2 hour thing to drive 2 hours back every weekend! We have a life that we have to make of our own, we try to go visit as much as we can, but our life needs to be instilled in our new community. I think if we can get family to understand that and not expect us to drive to them every month I would be good.

The other thing I have been dealing with this year is learning to let go. I have a few people/incidents in my life that I just need to let go. One of them I was reminded of when I went to start writing this post as it involves my hubby’s graduation from the Police Academy. I even remember the hurt in my daughters eyes at one point over something that happened during the event. But I am working on letting go of that. It is hard but I will turn it over to God along with the other person I am having issues with.

Over all I am very happy with all that has gone on. We have really made a life for ourselves here and my kids are extremely happy. My son’s night terrors have stopped for the most part (in fact has only had one massive one since we moved!), my daughter has really grown and I am often told they can not believe how compassionate she is for her age (we have a kid in her class with Down Syndrom and she is the only one who is truly nice to him). I am so proud of our family for the adaptions we made and for adjusting so well. It definately has been an adventure and I can not wait to see what is in store for us!

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  1. Kelley Johnsen

    Wonderful reflection. My sons godfather is a police officer in CA and we pray for him daily. Its hard to see how much time goes into a policeman schedule, but the families are an amazing support for each other. Thank you for sharing this.


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