An Exciting New Adventure with @ImprovePhoto!

It is official! I am one step closer to my dream. I have a passion for photography and my family has always encouraged me to embrace that. Now that I got the camera I knew it was time to learn how to properly use it. But where to start?

After doing some research I found Improve Photography. Started by two photographers, Improve Photography is your source to take courses from beginner to business and everything in between! Each course is 30 days and there are 7 courses total! The best part is: it is at your own pace! You can do more then one lesson a day if you would like or you can just follow the day by day outline. It is up to you!

So who are the people behind  Improve Photography? First there is Jim Harmer. He started to learn about photography in school but a lot of his knowledge comes from being self taught. He started teaching small workshops and community education classes in Florida which lead to the founding of (his photography blog). The members of the Improve community enjoy his laid back teaching style. His photographs have even been purchase by large corporations and well respected organizations such as Readers Digest and Nikon USA.

There is also Dustin Olsen. Dustin is a proffesional photographer in Idaho and is the co-host for the Improve Photography Pod Cast. Not only has he taught online courses on here, but he has taught college level photography classes in a traditional setting as well. Before coming over to join in on the teaching Dustin also ran a small portrait business doing weddings, senior pictures and families.

Between these two guys they truly have a lot to offer and I can not wait to get started on learning from them! During the next several weeks I will be sharing my journey and my experience with their courses. I will even try to share some photos from my lessons (when applicable). I will be going through all 7 courses so there is lots to do!

 I am really excited to be starting this. This honestly is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since my hubby became an LEO. I started calling my family the minute I heard about these classes and that I will be doing them! I can not wait to share it with you as well!

You can learn more about the courses and about the two men behind the courses at  Also be sure to check out the blog His photos are amazing! You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and tutorials an their podcast on YouTube!

Now- Lets get started!

~This series is being done in exchange for me being able to take their courses. Regardless the thoughts in the opinions in this post and any future posts are my own and honest opinions. ~

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13 thoughts on “An Exciting New Adventure with @ImprovePhoto!

  1. Lisa M

    Wow – I am so happy for you! I cant wait to see and hear more about it as you take the different courses! Totally telling my bro-in-law about these. Loves taking pictures, this might help him too!


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