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My kids love cereal, but with being Gluten Free our choices are kind of limited. It isn’t something we buy often for them because what we do have access too, tends to be expensive.

Now there is a new way to create a cereal that your little one, or even yourself, will enjoy! Custom Choice Cereal started in 2009 by a gentleman named Hajo. He was on the phone with a friend who has gluten intolerance. After learning of the limited available, Hajo and some other students with UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School came up with a plan to transform breakfast for those having to eat Gluten Free! Here is more about them:

We understand the very specific needs and concerns of being on a gluten-free diet and decided to address them by
  • choosing only the highest quality ingredients
  • focusing exclusively on gluten-free items
  • testing all of our ingredients for gluten and potential cross-contamination
  • maintaining a dedicated gluten-free facility
  • delivering your personal mix conveniently to your doorstep
Custom Label with the name of your Mix!
I think they did a wonderful job at this! Their website is easy to use and it is so much fun coming up with a mix just for you! First you create an account. Then you get mixing! You start with a base cereal which can range from Granola, Corn flakes, to oats.  I went with Corn Flakes because one cereal I have been missing is Raisin Bran! Once you are done with your base you can add extras! You have a wide range of dried fruit, Nuts & Seeds, and extras such as chocolate chips and granola and oats. Then you place your order! 
When you order you can see right there what the nutritional value is and then it gives you an option to name your blend. I went with a basic title of Gluten Free for Jen Mix. I thought that was fitting for what I was creating it for. You can choose to have it shipped to your home or if you are in the area you can pick it up from their facility. The packaging is very detailed. It has the nutritional facts on it, the ingredients you selected but even better. It has a special code that allows you the same mix all over again!
As mentioned I went with the Corn Flakes. For the extras I went with dried apples, almonds, and some Cinnamon Raisen Granola. Each bite was filled with delicious crunchiness. The granola added the right amount of sweet cinnamon flavor. The apples just topped it off. It was seriously the best bowl of cereal I have had in a really long time! 
I really recommend trying Custom Choice Cereal out yourself! You and your kids will have a blast creating and experimenting and it makes it special for your gluten free little one! Visit their wesbite today! You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

~I received the above product in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the thoughts in this post are my own and honest opinions! ~

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