Meet The Jack of All Trades: Just Another Static Heart

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to fellow blogger, Isabella. I say she is the track of all trades because well- She can sew, she does photography (and amazing job at that), she blogs and she does graphic designs, oh and is a rep for Origami Owl!

I met Isabella doing a hobby we both love- Civil War Reenacting. That is where I have learned of her killer sewing and her beautiful dresses! Maybe if I win Publish Clearinghouse I will hire her to be my reenacting seamstress (she doesn’t know that yet so shhh).  She also does amazing photography! You should check out her amazing Photo Challange Series! I love viewing her pictures and hope that I can get as good as her some day!

Isabella’s recent adventures landed her the title of an Origami Owl Rep. I posted about Origami Owl for mothers day. They are those beautiful Living Lockets where you can choose which charm you put in your pendent. She is really excited about this adventure so be sure to check that out!

But the main reason why I am writing is because of her killer graphic design skills! That header pictured above is Miss Isabella and her blog header! Isn’t that beautiful? Here is one other blog she did

She also did my favorite follow buttons (the butterfly with the stamps to the right) for me and has made a few buttons for some events for me. The latest design she did for me was for a watermark. I am starting to learn more about photography and am looking into going to school and she was kind enough to make me a simple yet elegant and professional water mark. The problem was- she gave me two that were too cute to choose from!

Aren’t those cute?!?!?! I still can not decide what I like the best. I love the top one because it is simple and will grow with the business (once I start it after I take some classes). But the butterfly is fun! Decisions, decisions. Her pricing for these are very reasonable as well. For example these watermarks she charges $15.

To learn more about Isabella and her works visit Just Another Static Heart . You can also keep up with her talents through these social media sources:

Google +

~Isabella is a friend of mine who agreed to make me some watermarks. In exchange I thought I would spread the word about her wonderful work. No other compensation was exchanged.~

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