Road Trip with Wendy’s! ~Sponsored Post~

Next week starts our first family vacation to the east coast! I am really excited for this journey and I can not wait to get started! But when your gluten free, how do you plan for food? 
Well on the plus side more and more restaurants are providing Gluten Free options for their patrons. I know a majority of those are sit down places but never fear! You have one fast food place that is dedicated to bring you quality gluten free options! 
Wendy’s was started in 1969 by founder Dave Thomas in Columbus Ohio. He didn’t want to use frozen beef produced in mass quanitites like other restaurants. So he found a method to prepare fresh, made to order hamburgers. To this day they honor Dave and his vision but still offering premium ingredients that are prepared when you order it. 
Fast forward many years later, they have recognized the rising levels of those with Celiac and Gluten Intolerance. They have made it simple for those who are needing to eat gluten free to find something at their restaurants! On their site you can find a little info sheet that will tell you what it means to Avoid Eating Gluten. You can find that sheet HERE. I was reading through that and was really impressed with the amount of information on that sheet. First it explains about Celiac Disease, then it explains what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. 
On that sheet you will also find a listing of their menu items that are Gluten Free. I can not believe the options they have! Their Frosty’s, their hamburger patties (just ask for no bun!), the Grilled Chicken Fillet, Apple slices, baked potatoes, salads and numerous dressing. I could go on! I know the Wendy’s in our area also go one step further and cook their fries in seperate fryers then their breaded products! So be sure to ask about that because if they do then their fries are good to go! 
During our trip we plan on stopping at a few Wendy’s locations and testing out their gluten free meals and how they handle the gluten free requests. So be watching for part 2 of this review!

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~I received gift cards in exchange for blogging about their gluten free menu while on our trip! No other form of compensation will be exchanged. ~
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  1. DeDa Studios

    WOW…that sounds like fun! Testing out Wendy’s new menu! Excited to hear what your thoughts are about their new meals. Davey loves Wendy’s so does my hubby!


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